Seminar for Dansk traditional Genseiryu karate forbund klubber

Vi vil afholdes anden del seminar efter sommer for sensei og eleverne inden for Kihon, Shiho og kata i november 2019
Deltagelse og registering er obligatorisk for alle sammen i klubben
Registrering foregår gennem klubben sensei til DTGKF seminar
Traditional Genseiryu karate seminar i August 2019
Vi afholder seminar for vores klubber i August for alle niveauer og alder
Tide: Mandag 26 August

International European Karate & Kobudo Championship 2016

We are orgenizing International European All Karate styles Championship 2016 with cooperation between Karate/ Budo club Kokusai sougbudo renmei Denmark and KUMA DOJO IF &
from Friday 21 to Sunday 23 October 2016 in Copenhagen Denmark

Saturday 22 Oct Individual start 9am
1- Kata – open to all styles
2- kata kobudo – open to all styles
3- Kumite Shobu Ipoon

Sunday 23 Oct team
1- Kata – open to all styles
2- kata kobudo – open to all styles
3- Kumite Shobu Ipoon

Friday 21 Oct
1- International referee meeting & seminar
2- International karate seminar

For alle ages from Children 7 years old, Cadet, Junior, Adult 18 years old and Veteran 40+ years old – both Female and male

Online registration:
Please go to
click right side Entry type and chose Club registrant,
start register your club with all information asking,
When your clubs registration been confirming start register your team.
Use the help in right side for any information about how to register
We are looking forward to recive your registeration forms

For your information we are orginizing international event from 1990 and helping to orgenizeing with our Budo / karate friend around world until now

We are talking to several hotels to have good offer for all teams where they need to stay together

Please feel free to contact us for any questions

Thank you